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Residents of California and the rest of the United States have shown a clear preference for large trucks and SUVs in recent years despite the fact that larger vehicles are more of a danger to pedestrians. Pedestrian crashes and fatalities are increasing nationwide, and so, too, are SUV, van and larger truck sales, leading safety advocates to examine the link between the two.

According to USA Today, drivers of SUVs and large pickup trucks are more likely to strike pedestrians when they make turns than drivers behind the wheels of traditional sedans.

Statistics on large truck and SUV sales

Since 2009, the number of Americans driving large, heavy vehicles such as trucks and SUVs increased substantially. In 2009, SUVs, trucks and vans comprised 47% of all new vehicles sold across the nation. Yet, by 2021, more than 75% of all new cars sold nationwide were trucks. While larger vehicles are more likely than smaller ones to hit pedestrians, they are also more likely to cause significant pedestrian injuries or fatalities.

Statistics on pedestrian crashes and fatalities

The number of pedestrians dying in crashes across California and the nation increased by 59% since 2009. In 2020, there were 6,519 pedestrian fatalities that took place from coast to coast. Research also shows that the average hood height for a pickup truck increased 11% since 2000, and with higher hood heights comes enhanced injury and fatality risks for pedestrians.

Some safety advocates suggest that automakers should be modifying the body styles of their vehicles to make them less of a safety hazard for pedestrians. However, many U.S. automakers have neglected to take such action.

Car crashes that result in broken bones may not seem serious. However, certain types of fractures may come with catastrophic damage to the body if not tended to properly.

Fracture is the term medical professionals use when a bone has cracked. In some instances, the crack does not split the bone, but in extreme situations, a fracture may leave bones separated. Discover some of what makes bone fractures a threat to the body.

What is an open fracture?

When the bones break and divide, it results in a closed compound fracture. Doctors may need to implant pins to rejoin the pieces to facilitate proper healing. In some car accidents, a compound fracture may tear through the tissue and skin. Doctors refer to this type of injury as an open compound fracture. This injury requires a much more intensive medical process.

What makes an open fracture dangerous?

While a closed compound fracture is severe, it does not carry the same catastrophic tissue and nerve damage as an open fracture. When the body has a gaping wound, it grants dirt and bacteria direct access to internal body systems. Doctors must act fast to clean the wound and temporarily set the bone while ensuring the complete removal of infectious material and tissue. In some instances, a person with this type of injury may have to wear an external stabilizer allowing doctors access to the wound for follow-up cleanings. Once doctors feel confident the tissue inside is free of infection, permanent metal rods reconnect the bones.

Recovery from an open compound fracture depends on the extent of damage and infection. Once the doctor closes the wound, it may take several months for healing to occur. Depending on the location of the fracture, a person may need to change careers if a complete recovery is not possible.

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