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Walking Or Driving Should Not Be A Life-Risking Event

Thousands of Californians suffer from car-related injuries every year. While many are caused by highway accidents and vehicle collisions, even pedestrians and bicyclists are at risk. Whether your injury occurs on Interstate 405 or on a sidewalk in the middle of a shopping district, attorney Sonny Koo can help you.

No matter how your injury happens, KOO LAW is ready to support you throughout your recovery and to demand your full rights under personal injury law. Attorney Koo has years of experience representing the injured across California. He pursues your full compensation at no cost to you, all while providing the compassionate and personal support you need. Call the office at (949) 273-2511.

The Factors That Contribute To Accidents And What They Mean For Your Case

When the courts review a personal injury claim, they look for “liability.” This means that they look to see who contributed to the accident and whose contributions were most at fault for the resulting injuries. From there, the courts look at how severe the injuries are and the resulting costs to determine a fair settlement.

Attorney Koo handles all aspects of your case. He steps in early to help manage evidence collection, including gathering police reports and witness statements. Then, he helps you get an accurate and complete understanding of your medical needs so that you can get the most out of your insurance settlement.

Keeping Your Best Interests At Heart, Every Step Of The Way

KOO LAW focuses on what really matters: your health and well-being. Because this is the foundation of the firm’s practice, you know that you get personalized and comprehensive service at all moments. Contact the firm’s Irvine office for a free appointment.

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