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Attorney Sonny Koo is a powerful advocate for the injured because he treats every client as the unique and deserving person they are. He created KOO LAW to provide the best legal experience for all his clients and to focus on what really matters: your recovery.

At KOO LAW service is founded on the principles of:

Mr. Koo strives to give clients the full picture of their personal injury case and options. He does not hold back the truth. Instead, he gives each and every client a personally crafted roadmap to legal success, so that they know what to expect and the steps they must take.

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Experienced Personal Injury Care In Southern California

How Can KOO LAW Support Your Recovery?

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Prepared To Support You
In Times Of Need, No Matter What The Cause

Your injuries are impacting your life, despite the cause. As you look for an attorney who can support you, remember that experience matters. With over 15 years of personal injury experience, Mr. Koo supports individuals suffering after car accidents and truck wrecks, in the wake of medical errors and even after an assault.

You need help from someone who understands the law and who will take the time to know you. True advocacy begins when you come into KOO LAW.

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How Can KOO LAW, APC Help?

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