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What Happens When Your Dentist Errs?

It sounds like the stuff of nightmares: sitting in the dentist’s chair as a procedure goes awry. For many people, dental malpractice is a reality, and you may not realize just how integral your oral health is to your overall well-being until a dental error leaves you sick and in pain.

Throughout your case, KOO LAW is both a valuable resource and a champion for your rights. After years of representing clients like you, attorney Koo has the right priorities; he uses the law as a tool to support your financial needs and focuses on offering reliable, professional and compassionate representation in your darkest moments. Speak with him at (949) 273-2511.

The Real Impact Of Dental Malpractice

Dental issues can cause long-term medical issues. It is more than just an unfilled cavity or a bit of gingivitis. Dental malpractice can also look like:

In some of the worst cases, victims of dental malpractice will not recover from their injuries and may suffer for the rest of their lives from conditions like facial paralysis, chronic infections or even death. Mr. Koo works across Southern California to help victims obtain full and complete compensation, not just for medical expenses, but also for their pain and suffering, their lost income and their other bills.

The Sooner You Call, The Sooner KOO LAW Can Help

Malpractice claims can be highly complicated and require extensive medical and scientific evidence. Waiting to speak with an attorney may mean missing crucial evidence or losing negotiating power. Reach out to attorney Koo as soon as possible.

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