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If you become hit by a distracted driver, a wide variety of hardships could lie ahead. In addition to debilitating injuries that cause high levels of physical pain, you could have to step down from work and miss out on other important events and activities. In addition, you could have financial problems due to medical bills.

Sadly, distracted driving crashes are preventable, but too many drivers ignore traffic safety guidelines and even common sense. It is essential to review data on distracted drivers as well as the impact of this dangerous behavior.

Data on distracted driving crashes

The National Highway Traffic Safety Administration reports that 2019 saw more than 3,100 deaths due to distracted driving. In addition, far more people sustained injuries in distracted driving accidents. In fact, when a driver is going 55 miles per hour, they can travel the distance of a football field in just five seconds. Therefore, a driver taking his or her eyes off the road for just a few seconds can cause a devastating collision, especially if they do not see other vehicles or hazards on the road.

Risks associated with distracted driving

There are a wide variety of reasons why drivers fail to pay attention to the road. Sometimes, distracted driving occurs because of discussions with other passengers in the vehicle or distractions outside of the car, such as a billboard. Adjusting the volume, eating and reaching for something on the floor can lead to distracted driving. In the digital era, electronic devices play a major role in the prevalence of distracted driving, and distracted drivers must face consequences when they cause a crash.

After suffering a personal injury where you slipped and fell on your knee, you want to inventory all the harm you suffered. After all, you cannot get every penny of compensation you deserve if you do not know how much it costs to treat all your injuries.

WebMD explains how health care professionals diagnose knee injuries and pain. Understand your diagnosis options, so you may discuss them with your doctor.

Physical exam

You may need nothing more than a visual examination to diagnose your knee injury or knee pain. During the exam, expect your physician to check your knee for inflammation, warmth and differences in muscles.

Imaging tests

Medical professionals use various imaging tests to see inside the human body. X-rays provide 2D images of bones to identify joint disease and breaks, and magnetic resonance imaging tests use powerful magnets to check for injuries like soft tissue damage. Computed tomography scans use X-rays to create 3D images that help identify bone breaks and issues that X-rays may miss.

Bone scans use film and computer screens to display images of your bones. For the test, you receive a harmless injection of radioactive material. Once the material gathers in your bones, it appears on a scanner.

Lab Tests

Depending on your diagnosis, you may undergo lab tests to confirm your condition. Examples of lab tests include inspecting knee fluid to pinpoint gout, inflammation and infection.

With the right diagnosis method, you know whether and how badly you hurt your knee during your accident. Hopefully, modern medicine helps you know how much to seek in damages from the at-fault party.

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