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Can a back injury cause headaches?

Certain injuries are very common during auto accidents. According to Healthline, auto accidents often cause headaches and back pain simultaneously.

Even relatively minor pain can have a negative impact on your life if it occurs frequently. In this case, you must seek out the proper medical care to relieve pain and discomfort, while also improving range of motion and movement. Here are the steps you can take to heal after a damaging car accident.

What to expect when visiting the doctor

If you do not require immediate medical care after a car accident, you should follow up with your primary care doctor as soon as possible if symptom present. Your doctor will ask about the type of pain, its intensity, how long you have experienced it, and whether you experience any other symptoms.

Your doctor will also perform a physical exam to get a better understanding of your symptoms. They may ask you to sit, stand, or walk, perform blood testing and diagnostic imaging, perform neurological exams, and undertake other procedures. These tests and exams are integral for developing an effective treatment plan.

How to treat recurring headaches and back pain

Treatments depend on whether symptoms are minor or severe. For minor pain, your doctor may advise you to rest, apply hot or cold compresses to your head, or take over-the-counter anti-inflammatory medication.

More serious issues might require prescription medication, such as muscle relaxers. Cortisone injections can reduce swelling within the back to decrease movement and relieve any discomfort you are experiencing. Massage therapy is also beneficial, as it can ease muscle tension.

While you cannot control the behaviors of other drivers, you can reduce your risk of experiencing a serious injury. Always wear your seatbelt, operate your vehicle conscientiously, and obey all traffic laws to ensure a safe driving experience for yourself and others.

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